What is Acro?
• Acro is a cooperative sport that builds strength and flexibility while improving communication skills and building trust in oneself and others. Acro explores static poses and dynamic transitions that involve at least two people.
• The three traditional roles are: BASE (on the ground), FLYER (in the air), and SPOTTER (for safety!)
• Common styles of Acro include: L-basing, Standing Acro, Counterbalances, and Therapeutics
• Acro is as accessible as it is impressive, and can be suitable for all ages and experience levels. 

Do I need to bring a partner?
• Nope!
• In public classes, we work in groups of 3–4 so participants can base, fly, and spot each other through skills
• If you DO bring a partner to a public class, let your instructor know if you wish to stay in the same group throughout class. Be prepared to work with others in your group as well.
• If you ONLY wish to work with your partner, we recommend signing up for a private lesson instead of a class.

Do I need yoga experience?
• No yoga experience is required!

What should I wear?
• form-fitting athletic clothing (avoid sheer and slick fabrics)
• arrive clean! (wash hands & feet before class + trim nails)

What should I bring with me to class?
• water bottle
• workout towel

What if my hamstrings are inflexible?
• We provide a classroom set of bolsters for comfort and support!

What if I don’t want to try every pose?
• We respect every individual and their choice to say “no.” If you ever encounter a pose, drill, or exercise that you would rather not participate in - we welcome you to say so :)

What if I only want to base / only want to fly?
LEVEL 1 – While we encourage everyone to try every role, you are not required to do ANYTHING you do not wish to do. If ever you are invited to base or fly - and you would rather not - we welcome your “no.”
• LEVEL 2 & up – It is most common for students to specialize in either basing or flying.

How do your group classes work?
We offer group classes in a series format. Most classes are 120 minutes, and meet once per week for five weeks.
• The day-of-the-week and instructors are subject to change every session.
Join our email list if you wish to be notified when registration opens for our next session of classes.

What if I have to miss a class?
LEVEL 1 – Each class includes a Skill Review from the previous class, so you won’t need to worry about missing one. We also connect students over social media, so you can meet to practice skills together outside of class.
• LEVEL 2– You are responsible for meeting with classmates to cover any missed material.
• LEVEL 3– You are responsible for meeting with classmates to cover any missed material.

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