Frequently Asked Questions


What is Acro?
• Acro is a playful practice that builds strength and flexibility while improving communication skills and building trust in oneself and others. Acro explores static poses and dynamic transitions that involve at least two people. The three traditional roles are "base," "flyer," and "spotter" (who is utilized for safety and support throughout the learning process). Common styles of Acro include: L-basing, Therapeutics, Counterbalancing, and Standing. Acro is as accessible as it is impressive, and can be suitable for all ages and experience levels. 
• Acro is a social sport that relies on teamwork and bolsters communication and cooperation techniques

Do I need yoga experience?
• No yoga experience is required!

Do I need to bring a partner?
• Nope!
• Acro is practiced in groups of 3–4 so participants can base, fly, and spot each other safely through skills
• Any exclusive partnerships will be respected (please inform the instructors prior to class)

What should I wear?
• form-fitting athletic clothing
• avoid sheer or slick fabrics
• avoid pockets
• wash hands & feet before class
• trim & clean nails
• tie up long hair

What should I bring with me to class?
• water bottle
• workout towel

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