Pancake Pops with Brittany & Conor


Join Brittany and Conor for three hours of pops, where we will be coming together to break down backfly pop to extended hand-to-hand, and building on it to bring the floaty flyer through to reverse bird and other variations, playing with a move often referred to as a “pancake.” We will be emphasizing crisp form and creating a dynamic where the base and flyer work together, syncing up to make the move happen as a unit. We will be celebrating back fly pops to hand to hand, and full pancakes. Also,  depending on how the class progresses, more variations that we may teach are “pancaking in,” where the move begins from the flyer in a standing position as opposed to back fly, transition from hand-to-hand to reverse throne, and royal pancakes (where there is a release in the hand-to-hand connection and the flyer lands in reverse throne).
Conor and Brittany have been playing and teaching together for 3+ years and have a playful, safe, loving teaching style. They emphasize communication, connection, and support, finding these to be components that are just as key as precise pops and body shapes in a successful and enjoyable Acro partnership. Come to learn, train, or refine your practice in these areas alongside them and have some fun, no matter where you are at in your practice.

Pancake pops! • Backfly pops to hand-to-hand • popping in, flipping it to a royal •

Pancake pops!
• Backfly pops to hand-to-hand • popping in, flipping it to a royal •


• Experience with extended hand-to-hand (L basing)
• Experience & comfortability with basic pops: timing, shape changes, feeling calm and composed

Attending with a partner you regularly work with is encouraged, but not required.

Brittany and Conor have been growing in their Acro practice together for the past 3+ years. They travel the world, sharing their love of acro, authentic relationships, and healthful living at various retreats and health events with other growth junkies like themselves.
Brittany and Conor find that as much as they love their solo movement practices, when they come together to move, the possibilities feel endless and magic happens. When it comes to acro, the pair is particularly fond of Icarian pops, pops to hand-to-hand and reverse hand-to-hand, standing hand-to-hands, and whips. 
Learn more about Brittany & Conor's practice and watch it in action in the video below:


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Third Coast Martial Arts
8127 Mesa Drive, #A105
Austin, Texas 78759

• $40 per solo ticket
• $75 per partnership ticket