Dance Lifts & Standing Acro
w/ Kira & Alex

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Mon, April 1, 2019

Tue, April 2, 2019

Single Session | Pre-Purchase $35
Single Session | Day-of $40
Both Sessions | Pre-Purchase $60
Both Sessions | Day-of $70




– DANCE LIFTS (Monday, April 1) –
We will be putting together different lifts, tosses, cartwheels and more to create a choreographed acro dance sequence! Our goal is to make this session super playful as we build our sequence. We will start with some basics and build up bigger skills as our choreography goes on.

– STANDING ACRO SKILLS (Tuesday, April 2)–
We will work a lot of dynamic skills, diverse entrances / exits, and some unique transitions as well. We are looking to offer accessible skills that have many levels of where you can take them. We want each partnership to walk away with a set of new skills to add into their regular standing practice. For those who are wondering, this is NOT a H2H workshop. If that is in your practice great! We can give you extended versions of certain skills to play with, but H2H is not our main focus in this workshop.



Dance Lifts:
• Basic body awareness, a bit of strength, and excitement for acro flow.
• Bases: Ability to do squats with your partner seated on your shoulders.
• Fliers: 30 Second hollow body hold on the ground

Standing Acro Skills:
• At least one year of acro experience and looking to progress in standing acro.
• Five squats in 2-High
• Hold a belly against the wall handstand for 30+ seconds
• Some experience w/ standing foot to hand a plus

Recommended , but not required.

Alex has an extensive movement practice that consists of many different modalities such as acroyoga, rock climbing, slacklining, and many others. Alex has grown in not only his personal practice but mainly in his teaching/coaching under the mentorship of Lux, Jason, and Chelsey. Through that training Alex has a huge focus on safety, spotting, communication, and building skills progressively. He views his teaching role more as a coaching role, where finding the right progression for the student is key. In that coaching he looks to refine the foundations to create ease in harder skills later on. Alex's love for the practice, progressive teaching, and emphasis on safety will take you to new heights!
Kira’s passion for acroyoga was ignited in 2013 when someone lifted her up in the air and gave her the gift of what it feels like to fly, surrender, and trust someone else to fully support you, and she instantly wanted to learn how to share this gift with others! Since then she completed her Partner Acrobatic Teacher Training in Jan 2015. Kira has taught classes and workshops in 8 different states and at countless studios and festivals; most consistently at AcroBody in Tempe. She has been a lifelong gymnast since age 5 and loves getting upside down and flipping around! The practice of acroyoga has allowed her to safely continue practicing acrobatics into adulthood in a sustainable way that she hopes to do until she’s in her 60s or 70s!

Our goal as teachers is to bring new fun skills to the community, along with refining existing skills so we can build on them further. We look to offer a progressive learning environment for any pairing. We will break skills down into manageable chunks from the start and change the level as needed. We are here working for you and want you to find the right level of success vs challenge throughout your practice.
In our workshop we seek to find refinement in each of these skills from a safety and performance perspective. We want each skill to be visual appealing, repeatable, and clean without question. Similar to musicians, “Simply making it through the piece without missing notes did not mean I would stop playing the piece—in fact, that’s finally when I’d start playing the piece.”