Intro to Acro

Intro to AcroYoga
A Workshop for Complete Beginners


No experience necessary!

No partner necessary!


Acro is a playful way to gain strength and flexibility while improving communication skills and building trust in yourself and others. Physically, it is an exploration of static poses and dynamic transitions that involve at least two people, at least one of whom is not in contact with the ground. Socially, it encourages cooperative problem-solving. 

Join us to experience the excitement of this playful practice and see for yourself why it is sweeping the nation!

- shower or wash hands & feet before class
- ensure fingernails and toenails are trimmed and clean
- avoid using perfume or scented lotions before class
- tie back long hair
- wear form-fitting athletic clothing:
- avoid pants with pockets
- avoid pants made from slick fabric
- avoid sheer pants

- drinking water
- a workout towel for sweat