empowered acro co-founders chris cox & katrina repman

empowered acro co-founders chris cox & katrina repman

Empowered Acro co-founders Chris Cox and Katrina Repman offer a date night acro experience designed for romantic couples. A great way to spend quality time together, guided interactions are completely nonsexual and facilitate intimacy through cooperation.
Sharing wisdom from their own experience, Chris and Katrina offer techniques for increasing trust and cultivating a supportive communication style. You schedule the date, we take care of the rest!

No experience necessary.

While this event is entirely nonsexual, it is intended for romantic partnerships.

Complete the form below to schedule a session.

Schedule a 60-120 minute session.

Sessions are intended to take place in the comfort of the client's home, but can also be scheduled at our space.

$275 for 60 minute session
$300 for 90 minute session
$350 for 120 minute session

Please contact us with questions.


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