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Jacob & Debbie  4-day Acro Intensive


• August 23–26, 2018 • Austin, TX •


Acro Revolution teachers Jacob and Debbie are coming to teach a 4 day, 21 hour intensive in Austin, Texas!  This will be for the all around acrobat. You will learn washing machines, group washing machines, pops, whips, Hand-to-Hand, Reverse Hand-to-Hand, and Dance lifts.  Jacob and Debbie last visited two years ago. They loved the city and the people so much they decided to come back in August 2018. Don’t worry! There will be air conditioning!  

Jacob Brown started his movement training with gymnastics when he was eight years old.  Much later a friend introduced him to acro and has caused his life to change forever. It started in the summer of 2010.  He and friends found the few acro videos on YouTube at the time and endeavored to work them out. It was slow at first, with each new move they learned it became easier to unlock new skills.  In 2014, Josh and Lizzy announced the first Acro Revolution Teacher training, which Jacob attended.

In 2013 Debbie and Jacob started to work together regularly.  Their partnership flourished because of their strong work ethic and common background in gymnastics.  Debbie loved the connection and flow she could find with a partner. She can forget about the whole world while flowing through complex acrobatic movements.  Even the mistakes are fun because they end in laughing piles of humans. As frequently happens when people work closely for an extended period, this partnership grew into a relationship.  Debbie got her Revolution certification in 2017.

Jacob and Debbie have developed a love of teaching acro.  It started locally, then came teaching tours up and down the west coast, then to Europe, South America, and now to Austin.  We looked everywhere. Austin has the best tacos, and the best acrobats. That is why we are coming back.


SESSION 1:  Side Stars + Ninja Stars  + Barrel Rolls + High Barrel Rolls
SESSION 2: 30sec handstand against a wall + 5sec L-Base H2H
SESSION 3: Foot to Hand + High Barrel Rolls + Bird to Throne Pop +Throne to Bird Pop
SESSION 4: Must be comfortable with Tarzan Swings
SESSION 5: No Hands Bird to Throne Pop + No Hands Throne to bird pop
SESSION 6: Must have some L-base Reverse H2H experience
SESSION 7: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheel, Handstand (against wall), Thigh Stand, Two-High

Session Descriptions

SESSION 1 ||   Washing Machines
DESCRIPTION: Acrobats underestimate the importance of washing machines.  After all, Jacob and Debbie fell in love with acro and with each other while doing them.  Through the study of these machines you build up a movement vocabulary. This allows you to flow seamlessly from one pose to the next.  Two experienced L-Basers can create original works of acro art by communicating only through touch. In this session we will focus on machines which emphasize grace and beauty.
PRE-REQS: Side Stars + Ninja Stars  + Barrel Rolls + High Barrel Rolls
DAY: Thursday            TIME: 7:00pm-10:00pm
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SESSION 2 ||   Standing H2H
DESCRIPTION: We will start with L-Base hand to hand and drill which will lead to standing.  Once there we will teach a variety of standing moves which require hand to hand.  
PRE-REQS: 30sec handstand against a wall + 5sec L-Base H2H
DAY: Friday            TIME: 11:00am-2:00pm
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SESSION 3 ||   Group Washing Machines
DESCRIPTION: If you have only done washing machines with two people then this class will blow your mind. You can do washing machines with two bases and one flyer, two bases two flyers, one base and two flyers. Some could have an endless number of bases and flyers. Debbie and I teach these more rare forms of acro wherever we go.
PRE-REQS: Foot to Hand + High Barrel Rolls + Bird to Throne Pop +Throne to Bird Pop
DAY: Friday            TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm
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SESSION 4 ||   Whips
DESCRIPTION: Whips are possibly the most exciting type of L-Base.  Flyers whip through the legs of the base very quickly.  This takes great skill from base, flyer, and spotter. Jacob and Debbie will ensure that you are challenged in a safe environment. 
PRE-REQS: Must be comfortable with Tarzan Swings
DAY: Saturday            TIME: 11:00am-2:00pm
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SESSION 5 ||   Pops
DESCRIPTION: In this class you will learn four star to throne pops.  It is important to learn good popping skills so you can have a good feeling of where you are in the air.  This is often called having good “air sense”. We hope to teach this to you in this class. These are big pops.  You rotate 180 degrees. Most people have never tried them. They are exhilarating. The last time we taught this class there were a lot of gasps as flyers flew through the air. 
PRE-REQS: No Hands Bird to Throne Pop + Throne to bird pop
DAY: Saturday            TIME: 4:00pm-7:00pm
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SESSION 6 ||   Reverse Hand to Hand
DESCRIPTION: Once a person learns reverse H2h they often remark that it is easier than regular H2H.  Join us in this class and you can be the judge. Students will start with L-Base reverse H2H and move up to standing.  Students will learn how to post up into standing reverse H2H as well as other entrances and exits.
PRE-REQS: Must have some L-base Reverse H2H experience
DAY: Sunday            TIME: 11:00am-2:00pm
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SESSION 7 ||   Dance Lifts
DESCRIPTION: Jacob and Debbie have poured through the internet and learned from many teachers to find all the best dance lifts!  This is an entirely different kind of acro. In standing acro there are a lot of static holds. The flyer moves up and down in ways similar to how a weightlifter does a power clean.  Dance lifts are different because they use momentum to lift the flyer up and down in more graceful movement, similar to balet. In this class you will first practice individual dance lifts and later put them together into a flow.  
PRE-REQS: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheel (on ground), Handstand (against wall), Thigh Stand, Two-High
DAY: Sunday            TIME: 4:00pm-7:00pm
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DATE & TIME:  August 23-26, 2018
LOCATION: Third Coast Martial Arts


- - - - - - Thursday, August 23, 2018
Session 1:    7:00pm-10:00pm    Washing Machines

- - - - - - Friday, August 24, 2018
Session 2:    11:00am-2:00pm    Standing H2H
Session 3:    6:00pm-9:00pm      Group Machines

- - - - - - Saturday, August 25, 2018
Session 4:    11:00am-2:00pm    Whips
Session 5:    4:00pm-7:00pm      Pops

- - - - - - Sunday, August 26, 2018
Session 6:    11:00am-2:00pm    Reverse H2H
Session 7:    4:00pm-7:00pm      Dance Lifts

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Full Intensive | Regular                           $315
Full Intensive | Early Bird                       $260
Weekend Only | Regular                        $180
Weekend Only | Early Bird                    $150
Individual Sessions                            $50 each

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** 15% off for all certified acro instructors
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