Circus Training Workshop



Since 2012, Leah and Etienne have been touring their two-person, 45-minute comedy circus show all around the world. Receiving standing ovations on cruise ships, colleges, military bases, and renaissance festivals, they have delighted audiences young and old. 

Based in Montreal, Canada, Leah and Etienne train acro with coaches from Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, Ecole Leotard, and Ecole National De Cirque. 

Simultaneously while on tour, the duo has taught acro workshops all across the country and are delighted to share their knowledge through teaching. 

Our workshop will teach you how to take the struggles out of your acro practice for consistent trick success, and growth. When a circus acrobat walks on stage, they know that they will successfully NAIL every trick, every time. Imagine being able to achieve that consistency and confidence in your Acro Practice. How? Train like a Circus performer :) 

This two-hour workshop will not only cover foot to hand, hand to hand, pops, and Icarian, but more importantly, you will be instructed on:
• HOW to practice skills
• HOW to condition
• HOW to structure your training to achieve the most efficient and effective time in the gym

Topics Covered:
• Foot to hand
• Hand to hand
• How to transition between working on a trick low and bringing it to standing
• Pops ( the concept) 
• Icarian tossing and absorption
• Icarian flying positioning
• Confidence in flying
• Consistency in basing
• Hand grip stability between partners,
•Weight shifting: positions, applications, and technique.  

• Base and Flyer must be comfortable holding: Bird, Back Bird (Back Plank), Star, Reverse Star, High Flying Whale, etc.
• Hold a handstand against the wall for a minimum of 30 seconds.
• Comfort with spotting others
• !! The desire to communicate and work together is required. If someone is normally a bossy flyer or bossy base, they will need to be out of that comfort zone for the workshop !!

This workshop will be taught in a “monogamous” format - there will not be partner sharing or swapping.  You will be working with one other person the entire time. We recommend signing up with a good friend or partner that you have previous experience working with and enjoy. 


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Third Coast Martial Arts
8127 Mesa Drive, #A105
Austin, Texas 78759

• On or before May 16: $40 per person
• Day-of: $45 per person